"For anybody who has every fallen apart or contemplated falling apart or wondered what it would feel like to fall apart and yet emerge from the triggering crises with one's body, mind, and spirit not only still intact, but much stronger for it, Judy and Dan's book is a MUST read. "

Terri Thaler



What the CIPA Judges Said

"The Judy/Dan format is unusual, but extremely effective. Examining events from each person's point of view makes the story compelling. Interesting in its own right as the story told by this couple, and also an interesting dissertation on the cancer journey in general."

"This book deals realistically with the facts, the fears, and the effects of the disease on the participant and also their loved ones."

"Within the chapters, each story flows into the other. Getting the husband's view of the same time periods is illuminating and touching."

"Your book's title was by far the best title of all the winners. Perfection!"



What Readers Say

"Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Each section gave me more insight into the world of coping with cancer. I was grateful to have Judy's perspective as the patient and also Dan's point of view as the primary caregiver. A million thanks to the authors for sharing the intimate details of their experience. They provide a role model while underscoring that the only 'right' decisions are those that are right for the patient. I've put my copy of the book in the lending library of my psychotherapy office and I expect it will get a lot of use."

"Being over 50 now myself, I have more than a number of friends who are experiencing breast cancer. This book and the emotional wallop it packs into every chapter provides a rare glimpse into the lives of a couple facing the disease. I have now gifted this book to several friends who are experiencing breast cancer. It is a most wonderful resource for those who are on the path of dealing and healing."